I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Impact of Human-Animal Interaction on Welfare. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The end of the XX-th century is characterized by strong falls in the development of scientific and technological progress, increased social contradictions, the dramatic population explosion, environmental degradation of the human environment. Indeed, our planet has never previously been subjected to such physical and political pressures as it faces at the turn of XX – XXI century. The man had never before collected from nature so much data and not been so vulnerable to power, which was created by themselves.

In South Africa, breeding of lions in captivity is widespread. There are many cattle farms that specialize in predatory cats. And these lions are only part of a huge hunting industry. Particularly popular is “prepared hunting” – hunting for animals raised in captivity. Hunting in the wild has always been difficult and expensive, it increases interest in breeding lions. African journalist Stefan Shtaf says that breeding lions are practical for further shooting. This is the type of legal hunting. The South African Government does not modify the laws, because this business brings much income (Harris,1997).

Marius Prinsloo owns a farm in South-East Africa, he is one of the successful entrepreneurs who is engaged in breeding lions. Breeding lions in captivity in Southeast Africa are legal and profitable – in the country, there are about 50 such farms. Rancho Prinsloo now contains 100 predatory animals, among which there are also rare white lions. Animal breeding is taking place in the primary hunting area. The fact that lions are becoming hunting trophies is not the cause of experiences (Hawthorne, 1995).

The main method “prepared hunting” attracting predator for hunting bait.&nbsp.

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