Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Impacts of Financial Crisis On American Education Industry. The researcher states that Wisconsin which was known as the “state of the strong tradition of excellent public schools” is subjected to disinvestment by the government. Cuts worth $1.6 billion in state’s biennial budget signify the largest reduction in educational expenditures in the history of America. Special education is the most suffered area in terms of educational cuts. more than 100 districts are forced to reduce their special education programs. The financial crisis has worsened the special education by woefully shortening the services special students need. The survey reveals that the class size of four core courses. English, Maths, Science and Social studies is humongous in various districts and almost 40 percent of public school students belong to those districts. Educational cuts are what we can easily witness and weigh the impact of, however, the financial crises is a cycle which is impacting almost all the affairs of the people and education being the most basic need of an individual is suffering. Education Week and the Editorial Projects in Education (EPE) Research Center reported that: “Three out of every 10 students in America’s public schools fail to finish high school with a diploma. that amounts to 1.3 million students falling through the cracks of the high school pipeline every year, or more than 7,200 students lost every day. Most non-graduates are members of historically disadvantaged minority groups. Dropouts are also more likely to have attended school in large, urban districts and to come from communities plagued by severe poverty and economic hardship.” The weak economy and the financial crises have triggered the job losses and devaluation of assets making the parents insecure in terms of resources to provide quality education to their children. On the other hand, decreased tax revenues and increased demand for services have urged the US to tighten its belt.

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