Create a 39 pages page paper that discusses improving the mechanical maintenance section in ghazaln power plant. The second part is the maintenance strategy in this part the report goes deep on the maintenance strategy importance, economics of maintenance compares maintenance strategy of Ghazaln power plant with new maintenance strategy, and finally recommends a new strategy that could be applied to the power plant. Maintenance expense and yield losses of a power plant can be minimized by selecting a proper combination of maintenance strategies that make sure its reliable exploitation. These strategies are based on advanced maintenance philosophies named as Reliability Centered Maintenance. The kind of maintenance for dissimilar equipment in a power plant is determined as indicated by its importance in terms of attributes for example maintenance labors, loss of production, safety/reliability, and efficiency. In the most terrible situation, the stoppage of supposed equipment would influence all these attributes and would thus have the utmost criticality. In broad, the malfunction of equipment would not influence all the attributes and consequently, its criticality will have some midway significance.

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