Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic Inbound and Outbound Tourism in Thailand. One of the issues that have come into play concerning this topic includes inbound and outbound tourism. The balance of these two types of tourism within Thailand can be said to be the key to ensuring the region enjoys the maximum potential offered by this sector (Cohen and Neal 2010). In order to ensure that such a subject is delved into efficiently, it would be necessary for one to understand the meaning of both terms. Inbound tourism refers to incoming individuals from other countries while outbound tourism describes the movement of residents from their country to other regions. This sort of traveling as earlier mentioned can be said to be a result of the rapid development of globalization. Improved means of travel and communication have opened up the world to one another and allowed for more convenient means of moving about.

Tourism is a large part of Thailand’s economy thus the need for a proper balance between inbound and outbound tourism is a necessary part of the equation. Records from the year 2013 reveal that Tourism had a direct contribution of 9% to the country’s economy which rises to above 20% with the addition of indirect contributions added to the equation (Walker and Harding 2009). This means that a significant portion of the country’s GDP is as a result of outside economic sources that need to be maintained in a bid to sustain this particular source of revenue. With this in mind, it can be expected that the government would focus on the promotion of inbound tourism as a key source of additional revenue. The higher the inbound tourism levels of a country, the more money it is bound to make the region. Outbound tourism, on the other hand, can be seen to do the financial opposite (Davies 2002). That is. it can be argued that it takes out revenue from the country and transfers it to other regions.&nbsp.

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