Compose a 3250 words assignment on information governance and social media. Needs to be plagiarism free! Information governance is associated with an online system, which allows the National Health Services organizations and associates to assess themselves in contradiction to the Department of Health Information Governance policies and standards. In a research that was carried out in England on information governance, it was determined that through the review that occurred in 1997 on the uses of patient-identifiable information, there was designing of principles that were to be used by all the NHS organizations. The chapter was set with consideration of the advantages that information governance had and it explained the reasons for discouraging the upload of personal information on information technology carried outside hospital control.

Information governance is, therefore, a paramount issue that will always make sure that organizations are on the required context because the power to conferences is relevant information. There are elements within the information governance that an organization acquires thus making extreme steps ahead. An organization will always be active enough when the administration is constantly active in the search for information that will trigger positive changes within the firm. The information governance is always common in prominent firms such as hospitals where there is the provision of a basic element that is health administration (Hoveng and Grain, 2011).

Many organizations have adopted information governance due to various important reasons. The reasons are always associated with advantages that are solemn to the facilitation and implementation of objectives and goals of a firm. Before the adoption of the concept, various organizations were greatly hindered by various factors that created inconveniences in the firm.

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