I need some assistance with these assignment. information security policy for amazon inc Thank you in advance for the help! Implementation of information security mechanisms is not an easy task, it needs proper management and governance to apply this effectively in any organization. For that purpose, organizational management and governance have to define a “policy”, which is the best source of enhancing the control (Berger, 2010). Dhillon and Backhouse (2000) have argued that in today’s environment of decentralized control systems and high information sharing, the organizations’ system is becoming more vulnerable to the outside changes (Dhillon & Backhouse, 2000). So, there is a need to develop and update the information security management policy.

Many organizations have developed information security management systems and have been updated with the passage of time in order to avoid information theft and other issues. The purpose of this report is to analyze the application and management of the information security management system in a real-life organization. The report has been divided into different sections. introduction to the chosen company Amazon.com, information security policies for Amazon, and then after suggesting the improvements need to be done, a conclusion is made.

Amazon.com Incorporation was originated in 1994 and its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. It is involved in a web-based retail business where consumers are offered to have their chosen products, at the lowest possible price and with easy accessibility. From the period of 1995, with technology advancement, it has developed its product collection, websites, and global network for delivering the products as well as customer service hubs. Now, its offerings range from video games and baby toys to audio-video downloadable products. Many merchandisers sell their brands and products through amazon.com and even software developers, musicians, writers, and filmmakers also trade or publish their products.

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