I will pay for the following article Information Technology Outsourcing in Business Management. The work is to be 17 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. If a company finds it hard to buy and maintain its devices for data storage, the company might outsource all of its needs for data storage. Most of the large companies and organizations only outsource a given portion of their IT function. IT plays a vital role in most organizations efficiency running. However, some of the companies may not have the budget, staff, or infrastructure to support it hence the need for IT outsourcing.

Information technology outsourcing can also be defined as the utilization of external service providers to efficiently deliver IT-enabled processes in business, solutions in infrastructure, and application service solutions for the business outcome. Outsourcing is also included in utility services, cloud-enabled outsourcing, and software as a service. It helps the companies and organizations to develop the right sourcing vision and strategies. Furthermore, it selects the right IT service providers, presides over deals for sustainable win-win interaction with outer providers, and arranges the best contracts. Outsourcing can enable organizations to reduce cost, take advantage of external assets, expertise, or intellectual property, and accelerate time to market. Although Information Technology outsourcing has various advantages, it also faces various challenges. In information technology outsourcing, it is also important for a person to understand some of the factors associated with outsourcing and different types of outsourcing. Furthermore, understanding the success of the different types of outsourcing and the activities that can be successfully outsourced is vital. Finally, a person should also understand the activities that can not be outsourced.

Some of the challenges faced by information technology outsourcing include real cost, the time factor, familiarity with the system and network, employee relationship, loss of work, liability, priorities, control, and continuity.

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