rovide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: Installation of Wireless Solution. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. With this service, AAMC will be in a position to inform a very big percentage of students about their medical services. To begin with, there should be a computer laboratory in the campus. If not, the AAMC should organize to put up one and provide enough computers. Then Wi-Fi should be installed in the computer lab first. After this, the AAMC should ensure that this Wi-Fi service is available in the whole of the campus compound (Kurose, 2013). This includes within the classrooms, the hostels, and the administration block and within the school compound. The service should be free of charge to both the student and any other person using this service.

With enough, funds, the AAMC can organize with the administration to provide the students with i-pads and cell phones either for free or at a cheaper price. This is to ensure that all the students are able to make use of the availability of wireless internet service. With every student having their own gadget. it will be easier for each to get the information easily. By installing this wireless service, it will be convenient for the students. they will be able to access network resources from nearly all any convenient location within the campus. With this convenience, the students will be in a position to access all the information provided by the AAMC on the internet. The mobility of Wi-Fi makes it possible for the students to access the internet even outside their classrooms. They will access the service even at playgrounds and hostels.

Having Wi-Fi service within the campus can be very productive putting in mind that the students will be able to maintain nearly a constant affiliation to the internet as they move from place to place. This will be important considering that any business a student was doing on the internet can be accomplished from any convenient place (Kurose, 2013). The expandability of Wi-Fi is also astonishing.

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