Need help with my writing homework on Intelligent Email Analysis. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Several articles have been found in the media which explain the problem of mail overloading or junk messages. The effectiveness of an email message to reach anyone at any given period from its central position in any modern firm has led to great volumes of messages received by one person (Li & Fu 2002).

Since email is considered a very crucial technique for communication, there are email logs that useful sources of research in the analysis including link and textual analysis and social networking (Artz & Gil 2007).

Due to the lack of enough and real-life benchmarking, field researches are made on synthesized facts and figures. The dataset is the same as the facts and figures collected for the detection of fraud and to counter the terrorists. This makes it an effective and efficient tool or technique used for stopping terrorism and fraud detection (Li & Fu 2002). For one to start the analysis work or task, he or she has to consider the first high-level requirements statements for any email function. Pick or select an email for commercial products to give communication and facts and figures exchange. The effects shall be minimized what will lead to almost accurate maintenance being available and the time allowed for retrieval is reduced to two days for an attack which was very serious. The messages from email will be useful and accessible to some specified staff members that are ranging from the sophisticated to the naïve members (Li & Fu 2002).

The first step is to critically analyze the services which are very helpful to the firm or individual. A selection of email products is made to provide information, communication and exchange of the facts and figures

One of the requirement analysis tools for investigation is the dataset since it has a lot of integrity issues. It must be integrated with the database.

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