I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Interaction and Usability.n Interaction and Usability. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. These people may belong to different professions, genders, ethnicity, countries, etc. So the interface design must be internationally accepted and should be usable by young and elderly users with novice to expert Smartphone usage skills. For this, the text and the format of the language must follow International standards such as the use of English language without any slang words and no dense touch interfaces (the interactive icons and buttons must not be too crowded and should be appropriately spaced) (Sharma et al., 2012). Additionally, the interface must allow the text size to be changed as per user preference (Hussain and Kutar, 2012).

The interface must also take into account the challenges posed due to mobile context, connectivity, small screen size and restrictive data entry methods, etc. (Zhang and Adipat, 2005, Harrison et al., 2013). As the context of smartphone usage keeps changing, environmental distractions such as noise, music, visual and auditory distractions, motion e.g. walking, may have a significant negative effect on the usability of the application (Coursaris et al., 2007). An effective approach for environmental distractions could be that interface closely mimics the steps taken in executing activities in daily life (Harper et al., 2013). This would allow users to relate to the interface quickly and refocus on the task being performed.

For better user satisfaction, the content on the interfaces should load quickly (Hussain and Kutar, 2012). In interfaces where data content is loaded from the network, usability issues arise due to limited connectivity (Harrison et al., 2013). The interfaces face problems with loading content as network services affect data downloading and transfer time (Zhang and Adipat, 2005). So the interface must show appropriate messages for slow and unreliable network connections. The slow content loading problem can also be alleviated by using less data content.

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