Write 6 pages thesis on the topic introduction to art and design. According to Perty (2001), art is directly tied to peoples’ beliefs and practices. In this context, the scholar was implying that we have to dig deep into knowing the peoples’ culture in order to know their artworks and the treason for the artwork. Peoples’ culture is directly related to what they practice most. The art done by a certain group of people or a community is related to their daily practices and cultural beliefs. For example, in African communities, cultural songs and dances are composed according to the different seasons and occasions. In learning the culture of the people, we are able to know the art done by the group and the reason for the artwork done.

Religion and peoples’ beliefs direct the kind of art produced by people. People are able to express their beliefs through art like drawings or songs. Art produced by a certain community is directly related to the peoples’ beliefs and religion. Art is a way of communicating and expressing the peoples’ way of life and this is also related to the different pieces of artwork they produce. For example, some communities involve in sculpturing and the sculptures produced are closely related to their religion. Some groups of people make models of their different gods they believe in and this speaks more about their religion and beliefs.

Peoples’ beliefs also have an impact on the way the art production of different groups is shaped. People express what they believe in through art and this is most evident in the cultural practices. Communities have their varied beliefs and this is seen in the way they present their artworks. A group of people will draw images of the things they saw most often. For example, the pastoralist communities make drawing of the animals they rear and this speaks more of their practices and the way of life.

Metalpoint is the drawing of varied diagrams with sharp metal objects like copper.

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