Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on introduction to computer Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! It mainly deals with the heterogeneous nature of the actor networks.

The two computing stories selected for discussion are the entertainment hack of Sony pictures and twice hacking of e bay. Sony pictures entertainment experienced a series of cyber-attacks which resulted in shutting down the computer system of the company and it revealed all personal information of its employees including the social security numbers, salaries and addresses. It also leaked the confidential information and the financial data of the company by revealing the inner secrets of the film studio. It severely affected the top-level executives of the organization, its employees and the individuals or the entity that are associated with the concerned company (Choi, 2014).

This theory was applied in order to protect the interest of the stakeholders of Sony entertainment. It determines how actors form and involve other actors and also use the non-human actors towards strengthening such alliances and protecting or safeguarding their interests. It mainly deals with two important concepts which include inscription and translation. The application of the actor-network theory and other computing technology such as cloud-based technology assist in protecting the software and operating system of the concerned company. It combines various terminal devices and offers different online and software services. This theory or the concept is considered as the software plus services that will prevent the leakage of the confidential data or information from the organization or the company. It supports the secondary market and bridges the new market.

Another example of computing service is the hacking of e bay twice. eBay encountered hacking twice. The user name, password, address and contact numbers of the customers were hacked and therefore the company faced much criticism due to the problem that was encountered by its customers.

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