Write 6 pages with APA style on Introduction to Tourism. The research would aim to reflect on the manner the tourists are to be accommodated whether in private resorts or in developing the existing tourism sites to help in the integration of the visitors.

Tourism tends to generate a varied number of impacts on the social and cultural environment of a region. The development of the tourism potential relating to a region contributes to the emergence of commercial undertakings and thereby contributes to the generation of effective revenue figures and profitability potential. Though the above issue is taken to enhance the parameter of commoditization for which it is considered negative. however it also contributes to the generation of the revenue earning and profitability potential of the area. The development of the financial aspects by the dearth of tourism related to the different regions is observed to potentially contribute to the enhancement of the lifestyle of the people. Similarly, the growth of tourism in different regions is also observed to largely contribute to the growth and development of entrepreneurial activity like the emergence and sustainment of the companies pertaining to the small scale sector. Tourism is also observed to generate considerable opportunities relating to employment in the different regions in terms of developing professions related to catering and tour guides. The development of tourism is also observed to significantly protect and foster the social and cultural fabric of the region. It also contributes to protecting the social customs and the heritage factors of the region. Tourism as a global activity also contributes to helping the different economies to effectively share needed information amongst each other. This contributes to the development of a uniform model for the tourism activity for the developed and emerging markets.&nbsp.

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