Provide a 17 pages analysis while answering the following question: Investigation of Crytolocker. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Sluggish and untimely implementations of the two network critical tasks are potentially responsible for bringing down network services to a standstill for some extended periods. There are numerous tools in the market that are available and to the disposal of the network administrators. The tools are all vital in helping these experts with the task of monitoring and analyzing the network traffic. Using a tool like Wireshark a network forensic person can unearth all activities of any given computer system. The paper comes up with a detailed report on the investigation conducted on the virtual image and the network traces of a particular host under suspicion. However, the report does is unbiased for it bases on the data gathered from the evidence that is tabled by the Company’s incident response team.

This paper deliberates the details of an investigation of a crypto locker malware attack using a network tool, Wireshark and by an application of other techniques parry to an investigation of this nature. The paper will examine the crypto locker and its activities from a set of captured traffic from the network in question. Wireshark is a network monitoring and analysis tools that are utterly vital in the difficult and demanding task that requires finesse and hard-core evidence of real data linked with the network. Wireshark has over time stood out as the most applicable of the tools that are vital to the job of the network administrator’s job. Network administrators that choose to use Wireshark have a one-stop tool that is able to capture data from the hub, form all the ports, bridges, from ARP spoofs and the remote packet capture. All these data capture points are possible all the crucial points that fully-fledged network forensics conducted (Brian, 2005).

productivity within a company would decline, and in the case of public service departments, the ability to provide essential services.

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