Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on is justice possible for all in america Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Given the diverse nature of the American society, availing justice for all members of society is an extremely difficult, if not impossible task.

The Greek civilization was possibly the first in the western world to develop the concept of a state or country, of a society with its citizens and of justice for all citizens. Justice was understood as the fair treatment of all citizens by law (Schmidtz, 11). A state that provided justice was believed to be a state in which no individual would experience unfair treatment without having the right to contest it. Although these concepts were developed more like theoretical constructs rather than practical tenets. they formed the basis of the social and legal systems developed by the Greeks and later by the Romans. Modern justice systems draw from the principles discussed by Greek philosophers, but understand them in present-day contexts (Schmidtz, 95).

Over the centuries, the principles of justice have been tested, modified and refined to develop the way in which justice is perceived today. Initially, the Greek right to equal justice was applicable only to free men, while slaves and women were excluded. As the understanding of humanity, human rights and the state developed, more groups were brought under the right to a just state (Schmidtz). Within American history, there are several instances of improvement within the justice system. The civil war paved the way for slaves to be freed so that they receive just and equal treatment. while the feminist movement has been slowly working towards changing the way women are viewed in the home and at the workplace (Kessler, 304). The Gay-Pride movement has been fighting for the acceptance of gay and lesbian people and has been gaining acceptance slowly.

The laws of a state or country are developed in order to provide fair and just treatment to all citizens.&nbsp.

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