You will prepare and submit a term paper on Is Marriage a Public Relationship, a Private One, or Some Other. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. This aspect shifts the view of marriage as a public relation to an affair that has an impact on the general public life. Better still, however, marriage affects the community or the community affects marriage, it mainly revolves around privacy and individual decision making. However, marriage has been an institution that the states have taken into consideration as it is a basic place where the societal norms are imparted into the citizens. Governments have always encouraged marriage norms. permanence, sexual exclusivity, and monogamy being the main pillars. The civil societies have been encouraged to continue pushing for the standards of marriage, hence reducing the burden of dealing with the same. A society’s future depends on how marriage’s future while the future of marriage revolves around the nation’s people to embraces marriage standards and gets to understand and adopt them.

The society at large has been utterly concerned with the different aspects of marriage, with certain issues getting controversial. Currently, there are particular issues that have rocked the marriage world that has brought out what marriage is like an institution. Debated on whether same-sex marriage should be legalized or not have created much friction across the nations, genders, and people of different social status and religion. The media both print and online have been buzzed by this contentious debate. This may indicate the importance of marriage as an institution. Underscoring this aspect is the fact that even governments have been involved in the analysis, with legislators drafting bills and discussing the subject of same-sex marriage among other issues in the floor of the legislative houses. Moreover, one point is for sure. it is up to the individuals involved in marriage to make the final decision of these contentious matters. This drifts marriage towards it being a private relation in as much as it draws much attention from the public. There are three fundamental considerations that emerge from the whole same-sex marriage contention among other concerns of marriage. The first aspect is the definition of marriage itself. Once a universally accepted definition is reached, then, the matter will be as better as settled. Secondly, the impacts of marriage on the policies made by the government come into the picture. One would love to seek to know the reason as to why the public is much concerned with marriage issues, and then a clear direction shall be obtained. Lastly, there needs to be an examination of the consequences of having a redefinition of marriage and the exclusion of sexual complement (Corvino & Gallagher, 2012).

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