I need some assistance with these assignment. issues related to security interoperability and operations Thank you in advance for the help! a) The company has not been ensuring frequent updates of its data center DRBCP. The last update was done back in the year 2009, two year after it was created in 2007, which shows the inconsistence of maintaining often update as required in data and information management.

b) The latest testing of the data center DRBCP was done in 2007. The testing activities were not even adequately done since it only consisted of a conceptual, table-top walkthrough of the DRBCP. The item processing facility DRBCPs have not even been tested yet.

c) The site-specific DRBCPs have been written for the five largest item processing facilities with some remaining item processing facilities, which have a generic “small center” DRBCP template. This template is seen to have been distributed to and customized by facility management by June 2010, while up to four items processing facilities have not yet completed the customization exercise.

d) Failure to identify Recovery Time Objectives, as well as Recovery Point Objectives for the organization’s critical business processes and systems in the DRBCP, was still another major issue. The critical systems in the DRBCP included detailed hardware inventories and software inventories. Other included processes and requirements within the DRBCP include critical business process including process owners, alternative processing facility addresses as well as directions, notification listing, critical plan participant roles, responsibilities, vendor contact listing, core business forms, recovery procedures for core systems, as well as procedures initiated to manage public relations and communication.

e) Not all the plan participants have been issued with the process plan as seen in the review of DRBCP distribution lists. This is an issue affecting the business process. Besides, storing the plan copies online and having the duplicate they depict the ineffectiveness of the business process.

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