Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses john f. kennedy’s speech regarding history: how well does american live up. For instance, he states that when the nation was young, it depended upon foreign aid, which was investment from abroad, and also relied upon public investment from the state, local and national government – “we may forget that, in the first years of our economic development, our national growth was stimulated to a considerable degree by foreign aid” (Kennedy). At the same time, Kennedy stated that the nation has often faced problems, such as “wildcat paper money, by the repudiation of bonds, by disorder, fraud, and violence” (Kennedy). What he was stating was that, essentially, we need to understand that our nation was once in the same position that new nations are – the countries which are developing. Those countries have the same kinds of problems that our nation did, and those countries are reliant upon foreign investment, as our nation once was. At the same time, history provides us with examples of courage from men past that would inform us in our present, and give us examples of how to fight for certain rights. Such as fighting for social justice, in which we can look to FDR and Andrew Jackson for examples, and fighting for individual liberty, using Thomas Jefferson and James Madison as role models. History provides continuity to our struggles, essentially. The American tradition exemplifies the words of John F. Kennedy, in that there are always individuals who fight for rights, using the examples of great men of the past, and America also believes in helping our neighbors.

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