Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Key Aspects of Google Technologies. It needs to be at least 2500 words. They are using aircraft to reach space. They are working on the minimization of cost to go to space. The concept will be helpful in the future especially for space tourism. They have to face challenges for the design of the elevator. For example, they need strong cables that would be much harder than the available steel. They also find the solution for that they will use carbon Nanotubes in order to make the cables stronger. The challenge is that the entire structure should be ultra-large and proper working (Pelt, 2009).

There is a question that will they succeed in their mission because they have plenty of difficulties while working on the project. Due to the working and planning of new technology, it reveals that they would be successful. One of the ideas that they have rejected was a jet pack because of the fuel efficiency and loud noise. With the help of new technology, they have invented an innovation named “Google Glass” (Pelt, 2009).

The benefit that could be derived from this technology is that would be helpful in making research. The researchers have to face more difficulties when they go to space. The elevator will help them to make effective research. Another benefit is the minimization of cost because the high cost affects the people to move on to space. The elevator will be less costly in comparison with the present technologies. New discoveries could be done through this technology because Google X staff is always busy in finding new things that will facilitate the world. Although technology has benefits, there is a perception that if the technology will not be successful in driving suitable benefits it will result in a waste of resources as well as the efficiency of all the people working on it. History is proof that Google does not fail the work on technology. They always try to introduce technologies that are beneficial to society.&nbsp.

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