Write 6 pages thesis on the topic knowledge continuity management in healthcare. The healthcare industry has shown volatility in terms of turnover of health care practitioners as well as fast medical technological developments. These factors provided the impetus for the evolution and acknowledgment for the greater significance of learning theories, concepts and practical applications in the field of knowledge management.

With this in mind, a specific scenario on records system of a hospital would be evaluated in relation to its effects on the delivery of health care, personnel and customer satisfaction, compliance to safety and standards imposed by accredited health care organizations.

The given scenario is this: Numerous patients have had their information placed in the wrong patient charts. To make matters worse, some patients are being referred to the main hospital and are being accompanied by the wrong charts. One major difficulty is that the hospital uses an electronic record while the LTC is still using paper records. In addition, the LTC staff is adamant that paper is fine and that they do not have the time to learn an electronic medical record. The objective of this paper is to apply knowledge management theories and concepts to the abovementioned scenario on the health organization’s record system given the newly acquired Long Term Care facility.

There have been increasing numbers of studies made on the topic of knowledge management. Knowledge management is the systematic process of creating, maintaining and nurturing an organization to make the best use of knowledge to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage or sustainable high performance (Davenport & Prusak, 1998).

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