Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Leonard Bernstein’s Something’s Coming from West Side Story. It needs to be at least 1500 words. His skills in playing the piano were also unmatched, thus he conducted numerous piano concertos from the keyboard. Additionally, he is famed for his ability to write music in a variety of musical styles, including theatre music, orchestral music, film, opera music, piano, and choral music (Rozen, 13). He developed an interest in music early in his life, and his father was opposed to his interest in music, but he eventually approved it and even started taking his son to music concerts in his teenage years, and he eventually supported his education in the field of music (Secrest, 27).

He developed an interest in music through listening to a piano that was acquired for his cousin being played, and he immediately developed the interest to play the piano. Thus, after his high school graduation in 1935, he joined Harvard University, where he enrolled to study music, and in his final year, he fully majored in music thesis (Rozen, 7). During his years as a student, he successfully engaged in the student production of “The Cradle Will Rock”, which he directed from the piano (Secrest, 51). The early major influences on Leonard Bernstein’s music life include his professor at Harvard, David Prall, who introduced him to a multidisciplinary outlook on the arts, which he applied throughout his music career, thus being able to write music in different musical styles. Another major influence on Leonard Bernstein was the influence of composer Marc Blitzstein, who did not only influence him musically but also politically (Burton, 77).

However, there are two notable influences on Leonard Bernstein’s music career, both in conducting and composing, which gave him a lifeline of success in both these two musical aspects. First, it is the influence of the music conductor Dimitri Mitropoulos, who never taught Bernstein any music lessons, but his music power and charisma influenced Bernstein’s decision to take up music conducting as a career.

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