Complete 7 pages APA formatted article: Little Mermaids Background Information. The setting of the movie is underwater and the characters are aquatic so it needs a specific technical design to incorporate the character’s movement. The play writer Doug Wright focused on the storyline of Ariel. Glenn Slater was brought by Menken and they composed songs that were used in the film production.

There are several pieces of the music used in the movie that remain unreleased. The pieces have not been released to the public in any kind of format. Poor Unfortunate soul which was Ursula’s song that appears before the wedding of Eric and Ariel has never been recognized by Walt Disney.

The original score is music composed by an individual so that it can accompany a film (Fishman p.13). It is usually electronic or classical in nature. It is designed to be woven directly into the atmospheric backdrop of a movie. A soundtrack is a collection of music by several artists to be used in the movie and support the spirit of the movie. Normally it is uncommon for soundtracks to make previously released music its compilations. The little mermaid used original soundtracks in their production. The right music can make a movie appear great and in a real sense, it is not. The little mermaid producers used soundtracks by Alan Menken to emphasize the underwater theme that is portrayed by the movie. The soundtracks blend well with the buildup of the movie and that is why there are used.

The little mermaid has very many scenes were soundtracks were incorporated with the actions characters and it ended up well. The scene was Ariel is hurt by what his father tells her concerning the desire to visit the world was a good scene. The soundtrack Part of Your World which was sung by Ariel quickly changed the mood of the film. This shows how important the use of the scores in this scene. The song is relatively slow and indicates a high sense of romance.

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