Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Lusophone African Writers and the Issue of the National Identity. National identity and its protection is a rather challenging issue. For example, in the work by Amarilis, the main character is confused about her self-identity and cannot make a choice whether to socialize with white Portuguese society or to remain with other poor dark-skinned people. In the short story by Vieira, the national identity is positioned as the main advantage of the Africans living in the poor working districts of Portuguese society. Therefore, using different means, both authors discuss the essence and the relevance of the national identity for Africans, who sacrifice their self-identities under the pressure of other authoritative nations.

Actually, the modern Angolan literature has its specific features of development and very often the writers wanted to transfer cultural and lingual peculiarities of their nations in their works. In the short story “Disillusion” by Amarilis the writer does not indicate the name of the main female character. It is the first evidence of a kind of social protest. Non-native Americans and African Americans have been considered for centuries as anonymous subjects, who were constantly oppressed. The experience of the main character is relevant to all other immigrants and this bitter experience should not be identified and there is no need to name the main character because her destiny is so common. There is an unsolved dilemma before the main character: whether to socialize with the rest of the white Portuguese society or stay with her people. The heroine realizes her absence in the society she lives. she feels neglected and nobody takes care of her. Having chosen an anonymous main character, the writer thus indicates peculiarities of the context in which the short story was written. Different moods of immigrants, their daily routine, negative and positive emotions are explored by Orlanda Amarílis.&nbsp.

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