Create a 15 pages page paper that discusses managing events for tourism and hospitality. Successful events management is underpinned by establishing a vision, creating objectives for the benefits the event will provide, planning operations, monitoring the facilitation of the event, creating control methodologies and conduct research to gain unique perspectives of what aspects were successful and where there might be opportunities for future learning to benefit better best practice (Slack, et al.).

Events management is not simplistic, meaning that there are many interdependent activities that must be coordinated fluidly to ensure the success of an event. As iterated by Getz (2007), events management involves budgeting, setting schedules for activities, procuring appropriate permissions or permits from relevant authorities, considering transportation and logistics, arranging for exhibitionists or other entertainers, identifying a target audience, and coordination of all technical requirements needed to facilitate the event.

Recognizing the complexities of events management, this report analyses all of the multi-faceted aspects of this project coordination effort. Special emphasis is placed on critical evaluation of operational requirements for a successful event, ensuring service quality, risk management and the stages necessary for successful event facilitation. The report centers its discourse and analysis on The 10th Annual European Independent Film Festival, founded in 2006, and being held in Paris, France April 10-12, sustaining a patron level of approximately 20,000. This event utilizes a large Paris movie house and another indoor convention center that can sustain pre- and post-party celebrations. The festival, a 2-day event running virtually 24 hours each day, requires substantial personnel and management to facilitate an event of this scope and size.

The event industry in France maintains an annual turnover rate of €2.4 billion (SEA 2015). This represents revenues and gross receipts achieved through various events of different sizes.

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