Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Managing Organizational and Individual Change. One of the most common theory when it comes to the aspect of self-reflection is the positive psychology theory. The theory sums that every living individual has strengths that they are born with but very few people can identify and narrow down to these advantages. Through the approach, it is argued that once the self-identification of the strengths is done and matched very well to the role one plays then one can enjoy the character and perform better than his colleagues (Wade, 2015).&nbsp. In line with this theory in my life, I have developed some strengths which are relevant to managing change.&nbsp.At first, I was someone who could not quickly learn things, but after some case of analysis of myself during my first career, I developed the ability to learn new information and approaches, creative, become a&nbsp. goal-oriented person and with excellent leadership skills. I had to learn these skills as a way to ensure that I was able to adapt to the new environment in England. The talent will be necessary for my career in that it will enable me to learn and adapt to any anticipated management change in my area of specialization (Hill & Jones, 2008).&nbsp.The natural learning of new information has enabled me to adapt in England easily and continue execution of my day to day activities in a smooth way.&nbsp.In my past, I was also a person who was not very creative, but after a life long living and experiencing growth in different aspect and dimension, I have become a more creative person. In recent times can do some great thinking and come up with productive ways to handle things despite the change of environment when I landed in England. I can come up with creative ideas in which I can accommodate different people and systems in my line of career. Through the positive psychology, the theory can adapt to change in management if and only if am a person of originality, ingenious and quick to detect new perspectives which have been my advantage ever since I landed in England (Snyder, Lopez, & Pedrotti, 2011).&nbsp.The other two strengths of being goal oriented and leadership are supported by the theory in that they can be a catalyst in ensuring that my future career plans are attained. With a change in management, the approach further puts it that only individuals who are goal oriented will want to live and see the purpose accomplished (Snyder, Lopez, & Pedrotti, 2011). My earlier years of life and schooling I was not a goal oriented person but of now am a very determined person, and in spite of change in management, I will ensure tasks to be completed are done, and I have to strive and achieve my goals and at the same time tackle obstacles that come my way. I am a resilient person who quickly takes a positive attitude when encountered with work frustration and failure (Leslie, 2002).&nbsp.The positive psychology theory says that in general leaders are people who are consciously seeking and obtain leadership roles (Leslie, 2002).&nbsp. This is one of the weaknesses I have gathered over the years, and when it comes to change in management, I am likely not to take the lead and coordinate the team effort. Over time I have learned how to be able to persuade my fellow employees and engage them based on the logic of the situation at hand.&nbsp. This is likely to see my progress very well in my career as a not a confrontational and opinionated person. I do a lot of consultation among my seniors and peers this most of the time gives me an opportunity to understand and accommodate different diverging views on an issue (Hefferon, Kate, & Ilona, 2011. pp, 24-33).

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