I need some assistance with these assignment. marxist theory of recording art history Thank you in advance for the help! However, taking this narrow perspective limits a broader understanding of the implications of the Marxism theory. With the end of communism in Soviet Union and the prevalence of capitalism especially in America and Europe, this political perspective of Marxism has continued to grow weak. In fact, some scholars have argued that the political ideology of Marxism becomes obsolete in the modern world. From these arguments, one may be persuaded to think that Marxism is no longer relevant in modern society. However, Marxist theories still permeate discourses especially in history (Hemingway 20).

One Marxist ideology that permeates historical discourses is the Marxist art history theory. Marxist art history has received significant attention from neo-Marxists and critics of the Marxist ideology. The debate and discourses that have come up based on the ideology of Marxist art history are rooted in the void left by Marx in articulating this theory. Apparently, Marx died before writing on aesthetics, which would have formed the basis of his ideology of art history. Therefore, those who followed him together with his critics were left to fill the void in their own ways depending on their understanding of what ideologies Marx was trying to articulate. Therefore, Marxism should not be perceived as a single articulate theory but rather a compilation of theories. This essay will adopt this perspective as the framework of the discussion that follows.

The basis of Marxist art history is the placement of art in the social context (Werckmeister 85). Marxist art history considered art as an important tool in inspiring and creating social change. The link between art and human life is based on the belief that human life is influenced by materialism. This is evident in the economic theories of communism and capitalism that juxtaposed against each other especially in the 18th century.

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