Hi, need to submit a 1500 words paper on the topic Mass Production and Industrialization. It is of crucial significance to state that the industrial revolution ensured the manufacturing of new machines and new tools, sophisticated, efficient and effective for nearly all purposes. It is of critical importance to highlight that the industrialization period played a greater role in the field of technology. It is during the period of industrialization that major world nations started coming up with sophisticated tools that could easily make work easier as opposed to the initial tools. It is a fact that in the period of industrializations, major technological developments, including mechanization took place. This made it easy to use the highly improved machines in carrying out the chores that were initially performed by those previous machines. It is of critical significance to acknowledge the fact that the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain (Willbanks, 2004). However, within a span of a few decades, the revolution had already gotten its roots in the majority of other Western nations, as well as the United States of America. During this period, it is critical to mention that a number of things were affected by the Industrial Revolution. This included the people’s lifestyles, economic progress as well as other socio-political issues related to the impacts that the Industrial Revolution was associated with (Gutowski, 2010).


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