Write 6 pages thesis on the topic mentoring young people leaving care someone for me by jasmine clayden and mike stein. The adolescents were allowed to choose their own mentors. Further, in-depth interviews were employed. The interviews were useful in planning setting goals. Local and government authorities were involved and relevant legal permission was obtained. The researcher observed various ethical principles necessary in research work. There were complete disclosure parents of the adolescents involved in the research.

The selected adolescents were involved in throughout the research process. This minimized room for any conflict due to ignorance. Conflicts would undermine the accuracy of the research. The adolescents were given the advice to make decisions out of their own free will and not to please the researcher. As a safety precaution, there was the establishment of a distress call number for use by the adolescents whenever they felt the need to speak to anyone. Two-thirds of the adolescents who participated in the research had a mentoring experience of at least six months. This experience coupled with gender and ethnicity could contribute to successful matching (Clayden and Stein, 2005, pp 56). Goals were set by both the mentors and the adolescents (Clayden and Stein, 2005, pp 56). Frequent meetings for prolonged periods were held for longer-term mentoring relationships. These processes helped to improve accuracy as well as achieve intended goals.

Social workers had identified a gap in their provision of services to young people leaving care (Clayden and Stein, 2005, pp 13). The adolescents felt they did not have enough support during their transition to adulthood. Those feeling caused high incidents of mental health problems among young people (Clayden and Stein, 2005, pp 13). The objectives the research were: to offer adolescents between the ages of 16-21 leaving care support through&nbsp.a mentor of their choice.

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