Write 12 pages thesis on the topic modelling enterprise architectures. Enjoyable Services: Valentinos has a strong communication system with several qualified employees who are always prepared to provide any kind of support regarding dating and matching. Furthermore, Valentinos also strives to recommend partners rapidly by reflecting on their personal preferences.

Over the years, Valentinos has attempted to make the services flexible. Furthermore, with the increasing number of users, the system operated by Valentinos also faces information overload. In order to be effective while providing dating services, Valentinos must effectively match on the basis of attributes selected by the registered users. The ranking attribute of users is quite problematic and usually requires users to allocate weight to each other of their necessities. Furthermore, since different users express things in different ways, in the end, the users end up with a large number of irrelevant outcomes. Query proposition and query redrafting have been used in Valentinos for information recovery as well as to lessen the problem of providing proper suggestions to the customers. In order to fulfill the customer requirements, Valentinos necessitates a recommender system. However, with respect to the increasing number of multimedia profiles, it becomes quite difficult for Valentinos to provide quality services to the customers. Following is the PERT analysis of the recommender system.

With this project, Valentinos will be capable of matching the partners effectively by considering their likings and dislikings. The system will be based on a ‘collaborative filtering method’ which will help to recommend accurate matches for different partners on the basis of the available information.

Component Filtering: Recommender system is essentially a distinct kind of information sifting system which deals in proposing partners selected from large assortment which the users are expected to find exciting.

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