I need some assistance with these assignment. modern architecture: an exploration of the intimate relationships Thank you in advance for the help! The main architects of the modernist movement were Frank Lloyd Wright, Gropius, Le Corbusier, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The designs they created are generally characterized by logic, clarity of structure and fluid use of space and form. Le Corbusier developed a practice of utilizing the colors inherent in materials such as bottles, pitchers and glasses in his designs, pioneering early expressions of sustainable development without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. At the same time, Bauhaus designers were employing straight lines and inventive use of alternate materials in other forms of household items, reinforcing this approach (Barr 1954, p. 220). Architects working during this confused era, torn by war and eager rebuilding, found themselves in a unique position in which they were able to radically change the accepted forms of business establishments and home-making culture. Through their efforts, they reorganized many of the core social spaces of our lives through the structures they created. The most common theme discovered in the widely different approaches of modern architecture is a sense of harmony developed between the space and those using it. This necessitated using geometric layouts of structures placed in harmony with varying zones of other types of land use within the immediate vicinity. As is pointed out by Gold (1998), the interiors of these structures were closely linked with the lifestyle of the owners as a depiction of their everyday activity.

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