Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Modernity and Self Identity. It outlines that the macro and microfocus alone, do not provide sufficient information analysis. He defines agency as the human activity whereby in order to be an agent, one has to be human. However, not every agent is human. Agency is vital in the transformation and reproduction of society.

The approach explains that there is a duality in the society’s structure. On one side, there exist individuals who are players in specific situations. They engage in knowledgeable activities where they participate and interact in these situations. Giddens (1991) illustrates the social environment is made of social structures and systems which necessitate the interactions. They consist of social relationships, rules and resources where the players or actors reproduce or produce during their interaction. Additionally, he explains that structuration involves the relations between space and time in regards to the duality of the structure.

The physical bodies, space, time in relation to social interactions, form a basic part of socialization. Space and time form the basic components of social life. He points out that every person lives a normal life and even though there exist social constraints, every person is affected at a given space in time. The interactions of space and time with people have dramatically changed over recent years, in comparison to people’s interaction with them, in earlier times. People nowadays are more integrated with distant geographical events, people and global issues than in earlier times (Giddens, 1991).

Giddens (1991) defines the theory as a bidirectional relationship between the cause and effect which affect each other and can neither be separated as individual cause or effect. He uses reflexive modernity to imply that the society is increasingly changing in terms of self-awareness, reflective hence leading to reflexivity.&nbsp.

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