Need help with my writing homework on Monomyth Used in Film. Write a 2250 word paper answering; Just as the researcher found that all myth narratives have a common structure in spite of the fact they belonged to different time periods and cultures, he coined the word “Monomyth” to describe this phenomenon.

The Monomyth was found to have seventeen stages. All of them may be broken into three broad categories: the departure (also known as separation), the initiation, and the return (See Figure 1). The first category (the departure) comprises the following five stages:

  1. The Call to Adventure (a moment in a character’s life when he is for the first time warned that all will change soon) (Campbell 28)
  2. Refusal of the Call (it often happens in myths that once the hero is made aware of the call, he does not want to accept) (Campbell 49 )
  3. Supernatural Aid (when the hero finds himself already committed to the journey, his helper with magical powers appears to guide him through the quest)
  4. The crossing of the First Threshold (the moment the hero enters the adventurous world beyond the limits of his earlier reality) (Campbell 64)
  5. Belly of the Whale (the moment of the final separation from the person’s familiar world and known self. the moment when the person is transitioning between the old and the new worlds and selves. upon entering the fifth stage, the would-be hero displays his willingness to die to himself and undergo a particular metamorphosis).

The hero’s quest or journey is, in Jungian terminology, an archetype that can be found both in ancient in modern stories. Hollywood cinema with its films about hero’s journeys provides an example of this. Specifically, such movies as Star Wars, The Lion King, The Matrix, The Terminator, Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? have followed the Monomyth pattern closely. In this part of the paper, I will look into the realization of the monomyth’s stages in two well-known movies which contain the hero’s quest – The Star Wars (1977) (and two other films of the trilogy The Empire Strikes Back (1980) and Return of the Jedi (1983)) and The Matrix (1999).

Let us first explore the set of “departure stages” in relation to The Star Wars and The Matrix. The Call to Adventure in Star Wars takes place when Luke Skywalker finds Princess Leia’s call for help in holographic form. The call for help has been preserved in the memory banks of R2-D2. Luke, the young protagonist of the film, lives on an uninhabited planet of Tatooine, which he looks forward to leaving (The Star Wars).

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