Need help with my writing homework on Music Management. Write a 1750 word paper answering; This major part of music management i.e. identification of music has achieved enormous importance in the music industry and also in music organizations (Pachet, 2005).

In terms of music management, generally, a music administrator plays an important role in the part of music management. A music manager can also be acknowledged as a band manager who deals with various musical events that are performed with singers and with Disc Jockeys (DJs) (Kennedy & Wenham, 2010).

The main function of the music managers from the perspective of music management is to determine several decisions that are generally made regarding sponsorships, advertisements business transactions, and contracts of recording (Kennedy & Wenham, 2010).

In the paper, from the viewpoint of music management, EMI Group, a multinational music company, is taken into concern. Various aspects such as the different business operations that the music company i.e. EMI performs in terms of management grounds is discussed in the following pages.

The EMI Group or EMI Music or simply EMI is one of the foremost multinational music companies having its headquarters situated in London. EMI has various well known as well as successful recording artists who work with the organization (EMI Group Limited, 2012).

The music company holds its own network of licensees which ultimately facilitate them to conduct musical events and shows throughout the world. In recent times, the EMI Group has made certain noteworthy agreements with its several digital partners that have helped the music company to distribute their music globally (EMI Group Limited, 2012).

EMI Group has in its possession a number of high-quality management officials who have helped the music company to successfully attain their expected outcomes to a certain extent. In this context, it can be found that the Chairman as well as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of EMI Group i.e. Roger Faxon.

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