Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on google driverless car. It can escort commuters from the road and drive safely and comfortably. This design of Google is equipped with Google maps and with a sensor for identifying its impact on the environment. Its high-tech equipment will also be adjacent to an artificial intelligence system (Peterson, 2015).

The essay intends to discuss the positive and negative attributes of Google driverless cars, and likewise, focus on the infrastructural transformations required for launching this car on road. The discussion also intends to anticipate the reactions of consumers to this new technology.

Google has certainly taken the idea of self-driving car technology to another level. Google driverless car is the smart car of the millennium, which intends to bring a new revolution in the real world. Contextually, the autonomous driving system holds the key attribute of Google Driving car that is capable to increase the road network capacity and reduce travel time in return. An interesting feature of this driverless car is that one such automobile can perceive the presence of another car in its surrounding with the help of its artificial intelligence software. Certainly, a major concern to the usability of the car is its safety assurance degree when on the road. Taking this particular factor into consideration, the software installed in the car tends to ensure safety for the commuters traveling, which has further widened the scope for new ideas and ongoing experimentations in the field (Thierer & Hagemann, 2014). For instance, the Google driverless system can retrieve information collected from Google street view by means of artificial intelligence software. Artificial Intelligence software then merges the inputs from the information availed through video cameras installed inside the car, its light detection mechanism, and the ranging sensor equipment featured on top of the vehicle.

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