You will prepare and submit a term paper on Psychology of Music: Music Therapy of Depression. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. Existing treatment options are limited and under-researched, thus creating the need for a treatment approach that is both effective and meets the adolescent where they are. There also arises the issue of compliance of treatment in adolescents with chronic conditions (Kyngas, Kroll, & Duffy, 2000).

adolescent development that may relate to the effects that a chronic condition can have on that development. Coping and treatment adherence during adolescence are also covered. Comorbid depression in adolescents with chronic conditions is looked at, followed in the second section by current treatment options for adolescent depression including psychopharmacologic, psychotherapeutic, and creative arts therapy options. Although music therapy does fall into the creative arts therapy category, for this literature review it will be defined and examined within its own section.

Adolescence is a time of great change physically, psychosocially, and cognitively. For the purposes of this literature review, psychosocial and cognitive changes in adolescence will be the primary focus. Rice, a family psychologist, and Dolgin, a child development psychologist, state that Freud described adolescence as a time of “sexual excitement, anxiety, and sometimes personality disturbance” (Rice & Dolgin, 2005, p.

occurs, a period when a child separates from his or her parents to create their own feeling and thoughts. They also state that Anna Freud viewed adolescence in a similar manner as her father, describing it as a “period of internal conflict, psychic disequilibrium, and erratic behavior” (p.27). In addition to this perspective, the authors cite Erikson’s view of adolescence as a time of identity vs. diffusion.&nbsp.

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