Need help with my writing homework on Napoleon Dynamite: Studying Culture and Stereotypes. Write a 1750 word paper answering; There is an important need to understand that a certain group will posit a certain stereotype based on how an individual projects himself or herself in a group, which would result in either acceptance or discrimination.

Napoleon, the main character, is ostracized in his school and within the premises of his own home (Napoleon Dynamite). This is crucial since there two components that constantly shape his personality: his personal aspect and the social aspect. Pure oppression and the oppressed group do not exist as pointed out by Weber (25). However, the people who carry with them a certain ideological inclination or condition, which is strongly dependent on the status quo of its society, construct both as asserted by Kellner (Kellner). Identity is at stake in this case.

Napoleon’s own oppression can be analyzed in relation to his manner of self – expression, which is tagged to be unconventional to the hip, cool, and jock notions present in his school, embodied by the guys who are deemed cool by women is school. He is making himself oppressed due to his own presentation. This would result in an unwelcoming condition: that of oppression by the people who have lived up a certain standard regarding being cool and hip.

The media’s role in the construction of identity is crucial as pointed out by Kellner (Kellner). La Fawnduh, the black girl, has given Napoleon a tape recording of dance music upon seeing Napoleon being so into dancing (Napoleon Dynamite). This paved way for Napoleon to express himself: considerably a manner of reorienting his appearance through dancing, a strong manifestation of the influence of pop culture in him. This is the time where Napoleon is making himself sellable, which he will use to make his Mexican friend, Pedro, win the school elections for the presidency (Napoleon Dynamite).

Analytically, Napoleon’s reorientation towards the end signals a vibrant matter: of embodying an exotic appearance. People did not know that Napoleon can dance yet he used it to his advantage at the stake of making a spectacle: an entertaining number deemed to be fun in the eyes of the people who have seen him perform a dance for the first time. For Kellner, pop culture worked for Napoleon’s advantage due to his act of imbibing a certain cultural standard that is well – known to everyone despite being branded to be cheap and low class (Kellner).

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