You will prepare and submit a term paper on No More Privacy Policies. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. According to William Buckman, the scientific method includes five steps: a) forming a question b) designing a hypothesis from the questions c) conducting an experiment based on hypothesis d) analysis of the experiment stating the different outcomes and, e) drawing a conclusion based on the different outcomes. The five steps are going to be used in different case scenarios in coming up with a resolution.

In the first case, I arrive at the house at midnight. I walk up to the front door, unlock it and reach to turn on the light switch located inside the front door. However, the lights do not come and I don’t understand the reason for the condition. From all the events, I observed that the lights could not go on. The above scenario results in an interest to know why the lights could not go on. Before leaving the house the lights were functioning well but on returning there was a different scenario where the lights were not coming up. There was not even a ray of light coming from the light bulb. Naturally, one is expected to find things as they were but this was different since the bulb that was left working was no longer working. That was the observation.

The observation is then succeeded by a hypothesis that involves a series of assumptions on what might the problem that may be causing the light not to function properly. According to Mak and Mak (2009), a hypothesis includes a guess about the working or occurrence of something. The authors further note that the hypothesis should be closely linked to the problem in order to assist in getting a satisfying solution to the problem. In such a case, the hypotheses include the bulb being loosely connected, the bulb being blown out, disconnection of electricity from the meter box or lack of electricity supply as a result of a blackout.

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