Write 6 pages with APA style on Obesity, Poverty and Diabetes. Obesity is also found to trigger other related health problems especially diabetes 2, high blood pressure, and heart diseases.

The contemporary American society has specifically countersigned high-tech developments, which have clearly changed the once existed social order. On the contrary, more than 78.6 million Americans still languish under the obesity epidemic (Hughes,&nbsp.2011). The federal government has worked hard to end the problem by contributing several millions of US dollars to counteract the seemingly increasing social economic issue facing the contemporary society, especially due to ineffective policies and strategies.

Studies like the study by Hughes (2011) have indicated a positive relationship between obesity and diabetes 2. Further, Native Americans constituted the largest number of people diagnosed with both obesity and diabetes 2. A dipper analysis of the results indicated that the Hispanics and African Americans constituted up to 70% of all the participants (Hughes,&nbsp.2011). These two groups are the poor majority in the United States, which further explains the relationship between poverty and the two health conditions. obesity and diabetes 2. In this regard, obesity and diabetes two seem to depend on poverty conditions among individuals while diabetes 2 is on the other hand facilitated by obesity as a health condition.

Obesity and diabetes have been brought out as some of the highly growing health conditions among Americans, although the prevalence of such growing health issues is literarily among the poor communities, which includes mainly the Hispanics and African Americans. Prevalence in obesity among these two communities and other individuals facing the problem of obesity was found to facilitate the acquisition of diabetes 2 (Levine,&nbsp.2011). Unfortunately, the chain does not stop at this point, since suffering from diabetes 2 contributes to further health problems such as hypertension and blindness.&nbsp.

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