Compose a 1500 words assignment on organizational research: establishment of public-private partnerships for a community college. Needs to be plagiarism free! These extreme approaches to the management of community colleges have dented the objectives of the community colleges in empowering rural residents. It is, therefore, significant to evaluate the possibility of establishing public-private partnerships for community colleges in rural areas.

One of the major steps of research is the way the researcher will collect data, the design he or she will use to approach the study and the analysis of the data to prove or disapprove the hypotheses and research objectives. This is what is referred to as a research methodology, and it involves the way the research will go about testing the hypotheses, fulfilling the objectives and answering research questions, if any. In this study, descriptive research design will be used where the research phenomena will be described critically and a high degree of plausibility will be targeted. The researcher will further use random sampling procedure, where the sample size will be determined using Krejcie & Morgan (1970) sampling table. Quantitative research is a scientific approach, which requires that available data should be quantifiable, measurable and statistical. Most of the data collected through questionnaires are quantitative in nature and fit into this approach. A qualitative approach is mainly concerned with analyzing interpretative data obtained from interviews, texts, and observations (Chava & Nachmais, 2008). This study will be concerned with establishing public-private partnerships for a community college in a rural area, and one of the instruments of qualitative data collection will be interviews.

When considering using interviews, it was important to analyze their strengths in this study.

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