I need help creating a thesis and an outline on E-Tourism. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This is as compared to other industries present. The relationship that currently exists between tourism and technology has enabled the industry to produce better products and compete more aggressively (Berger, Lehmann & Lehner 2003). This paper will examine how technology has changed the tourism industry, and how advancements allow for these transformations to occur to enable different industries to develop.

The role that ICT plays in the tourism industry is quite colossal. ICT works to control customer or target market centricity, where customers are given the luxury of identifying or choosing which products to buy and where to go, hence. leading to the globalization process of this industry (Bennet & Lai 2005). The ICT sector has provided the tourism industry with the necessary support tools that allow different suppliers to provide their gifts on a global scale. The tourism quarters that have failed to embrace technological advancement may have a difficult time trying to compete on a global scale, or even control the current highly information-concentrated industry (Benckendorff 2006). Currently, the ICT sector has become a central element of tourism. This implies that researchers and experts are trying to find out and interpret the way forward for both the technological and tourism industries. This may allow both industries to grow, hence. achieve their maximum potential (Beldona, Morrison & O’Leary 2005).

The tourism industry is largely benefitting from the ICT sector in terms of reduced costs and an improvement in productivity. As times change, the amount of work that individuals are handling is diminishing at a rather rapid rate (Baloglu & Pekcan 2005). However, the efficiency and productivity levels are increasing as a result of the use of ICT, which people rely on to ensure proper management of data, control of inventory.

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