Write a 6 pages paper on paintings by lorenzo di credi and rafael. Sense of movement that represents the river in the background and one can easily locate the focal point in the painting that is Madonna and the child. In addition to this, the place where Madonna and the child seat have a dark shade contrasted to the brightly colored background. The painting has a good proportion, and both large and small sections, far and nearby objects have intermarried well. The inclusion of all these details gives the paint harmony and helps Lorenzo communicate his message to his targeted audience.

The painting has five parts, and the first one which captures the attention is Madonna and the child at the center. Therefore shows that Lorenzo’s intention was to make the audience pay attention to them as the main subject of the paint. Madonna’s eyes gently look down to the child perhaps signifying the hope she has on Jesus. However, the child has a merciful look at the audience and, therefore, it could be signifying Jesus’ love for the world. The second part is a solid rock on the right side which could be a representative of God as it towers above the every other object in the painting. The other side of the shows rock a castle that seems far much smaller than the rock in size. The castle signifies the river connects the world leadership and it. The river symbolizes transformation from darkness to righteousness. From the picture, Madonna and the child are at the center to signify their role in uniting the people and God.

The painting by Lorenzo exemplifies reality in many ways. For instance, in the painting, there is a castle shown from a distance. Madonna is wearing fine attire and seems peaceful. It will be in line with real-life expectations as the fine clothing depicts a good lifestyle. In addition, the middle ground of the picture shows a blue river calm river. The surrounding other parts of the middle ground show lively green scenery which shows a peaceful and productive environment.

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