I need some assistance with these assignment. person centred planning Thank you in advance for the help! Person-Centered Planning is a model applied to help individuals with disabilities gain self-determination, which will bring them on the verge of improving their lives and becoming independent. Person-centered Planning originated from the work of Dr. Carl Rogers in the 1950s, a humanistic psychologist, who pioneered the practice of person-centered counseling. Its origin is also derived from the Phenomenological approach in personality psychology. Rogers as a psychologist strived to change the conformity regarding the relationship between a doctor and his patient. In essence, he introduced the word client to be used when referring to a patient. He had this idea since he saw the patient as an individual (Greene, 2008).

During the 1950s and 1960s, there were a number of incidents that questioned the quality of care for people with learning disabilities such as poor living conditions and physical care. The Howe Committee, the first modern NHS, was commissioned in 1967 to investigate the allegation of abuse and ill-treatment of vulnerable long-stay patients in Ely Hospital. The inquiry into events occurring at Ely Hospital in 1969 found that lack of patient privacy and custodial attitude towards patients were part of patient abuse (HMSO, 1969).

In 1971, the policy of, “White Paper Better Services for the Mentally Handicapped” was developed (Department of Health, 1971). The policy had the objectives of. increasing the provision of local authority-based residential and day-care, advocating a 50% reduction in hospital places by 1991, it also called for an end to custodial methods of care in hospitals and recommended the re-training of hospital staff. This White Paper further targeted shifting the balance of care settings from hospital to community, noting deficiencies in the current system, and identifying models for daytime activities (Department of Health, 1971).

A key legislative development that were important influencers of service development included the Jay report (HMSO, 1979). The Jay report re-emphasized the need for local authority-led care and, importantly, a service philosophy based on the principles of normalization.

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