Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Popular Culture in America. It needs to be at least 1500 words. American popular culture with its above mention icons and consumer goods were likely recognized by foreign civilization in an assortment of different ways (Crothers, 2012, pp.10-18).

Globalization allows foreign companies to share out American cultural products, which include film, TV, music, and books (Crothers, 2012, pp.20). In recent years, American music, movies, and TV shows have constantly gained more and more audiences globally. Similarly, foreign media groups provide an increase in American popular culture as well.

Swann (2012) states that the Cultural value of The Godfather trilogy begins in its depiction of the American Dream and effectively American culture. James Truslow Adams illustrates the American Dream in his book, Epic of America, like a “Vision and fantasy of a land-living in which lifecycle should be improved and more well-off and filled for all nobleman, with opportunities and chances for everyone according to their ability, skills or achievement” (Swann, 2012).

The Godfather was based in the late 1940s in New York City. The story was concerning the Corleone family, which was headed by Vito Corleone. He had four sons, an older son named Santino, also known as Sunny. After that son was Fredo and the youngest son was Michael which was in the military at the beginning of the movie and afterward stepped up to be the head of the family business (Swann, 2012). Lastly, there was the adopted son Tom. Vito too had a daughter, Connie who went during the pain of the family business and she was not even concerned in it.

According to Cuizon, (2008) The Godfather was a sort of confusing, yet extremely entertaining movie in which the godfather, who was Vito Corleone, listens to needs and requests from other people. Collazo propel some of his people to kill the godfather, and after he was shot, it was not identified whether he was alive or dead.

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