Provide a 8 pages analysis while answering the following question: Postpartum Depression of First-Time Teenage Mothers. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This study examines the causes of postpartum depression in teen mothers, while also providing the key ways through which the disorder can be prevented or treated.

The study is based on secondary data obtained from a survey conducted by Young Mums Together, a UK based group that provides support to young women who are experiencing parenting challenges. This support group held various weekly discussion sessions that facilitated sharing and learning processes for the young mothers in issues such as parenting and handling of stressors and other serious issues such as postpartum depression. A total of 27 young mothers most in their teen years were analyzed. Quantitative data were analyzed by determining the prevalence of postpartum depression in the UK. Conversely, qualitative data were analyzed by determining the kind of life led by teen mothers and the challenges that they face in their daily lives.

It emerged that postpartum depression is a common disorder among teen mothers in the UK affecting between 10-20 percent of this category of mothers. The main challenges facing these mothers are lack of professional support, inadequate parenting knowledge and information, isolation by peers and stigma caused by the perception of being judged by their society (Lanzi et. al 2009).

Following the above results, the study shows the importance of providing the necessary support, both informal and professional to these teen mothers. The main cause of postpartum depression is lack of support, including that of peers, parents and health professionals (Katrina 2013).

Postpartum depression occurs in women who have given birth, often developing within the initial six weeks after giving birth. However, this type of disorder does not manifest until after about six months of giving birth. Postpartum depression mainly affects new mothers and its prevalence is higher in teen mothers than in older women.

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