I need some assistance with these assignment. potential smart city project in swansea Thank you in advance for the help! Studying the usability of interface and also recommending methods of improving it, is the main responsibility of a usability engineer. Majorly, usability engineers work towards enhancing usability of Voice User Interfaces (VUIs), Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs), and Web-based User Interfaces (Wickens 101).

A city is referred to as ‘smart’ where there are investments in social capital, human capital, transport infrastructure, and modern communication infrastructure (Komninos 5). therefor, implementation of the Swansea Smart city uses these investments. These investments ensure sustainable economic developments, and also improved quality of life. The investments also enhance wise natural resource management, through engagement and action in a participatory process. Smart city concept also implies resource efficiency through integration and management of information communication technology infrastructure. and adequate citizen participation (Shepherd 21). This research paper analyzes the methods of implementing the smart city project in the Swansea City. Swansea is a coastal city found in Wales. it is the second largest city in Wales, and the twenty sixth largest in the United Kingdom. In the year 2011, the population of Swansea City was 239,000. In the nineteenth century, Swansea City was a major industrial center for the copper industry (John 5).

The usability engineering techniques applied in this smart city project involves. task analysis and the application of the human factors theory in the interface design. for example the traffic management interface design in the proposed Swansea smart city (Komninos 26). Task analysis studies the actions of a user and the cognitive process of performing that action. analysis of what the user is expected to do, and the reasons for the action (Shepherd 16). Adequate task analysis is conducted in understanding current system, and also the information flows in it.&nbsp.

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