Need help with my writing homework on Power of Visual Culture. Write a 3500 word paper answering; It will be in denial, therefore, to ignore the role being played by the contemporary visual audio art (JENKS, 1995 pg.6).

The world has transformed in a magical way, in the ancient times, people preserved images and paintings on hard copy material like paper, on walls, on stones, and others on the barks of the trees. Things have changed tremendously as it is possible to store numerous images in a digital device. The manner in which images are taken has also changed. The early cameras were of lower quality. Their images were not as clear as they only produced images in black and white. This applied to both print images and video images. Technology has transformed the film art industry as there are full-color images in the present world today. For instance, if you wanted a photograph of your internal organs, it is possible for you to have, given the x-ray machines and other internal organs body scanners.

As part of the transformation, film and theatre-related fields of study were introduced in many learning institutions. These were attempts made to make the audiovisual field a professional area. With these studies being incorporated into the educational curriculum, various innovations sprung up. Photography, that was once a business became a profession. It is not absurd to hear of a successful photojournalist or professional photographer. Many may be thinking that it is easy to take a quality image of an object whenever they have a camera. Shooting an image that will speak more about the setting requires skills and expertise.

Photographs conveying varied information have been displayed in various art galleries, newspapers, magazines, on social media, and other media. Some of these images can represent many themes in one show. They could be paintings, drawings or photographs, but serve almost the same purpose. conveying visual information.&nbsp.

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