You will prepare and submit a term paper on Product Placement has to Be a Part of Film in an Era when Advertising Is Struggling. Your paper should be a minimum of 2500 words in length. In this essay, I will focus on the analysis of 4 recent feature films in order to show that product placement is an effective substitute for the advertising clips. Using relevant research in product placement and a documentary by Morgan Spurlock, I will analyze how product placement works and what effect is achieved by integrating brands in the context of different films. Product placement has to be a part of filmmaking because all parties benefit from it. while directors have more money to make quality films, marketers raise the levels of brand recognition and awareness.

Product placement is an effective way to increase a film budget by inserting certain products in particular scenes of the film. The history of product placement dates back to the Silent Era films released in the 1920-s. According to Segrave (2004, p.3) people inserted colored slides that advertised various goods available at the nearest grocery stores between the episodes of ‘Perils of Pauline’. People were not allowed to leave. they had to sit in the theatre and watch them. In 1940, product placement was already used by many companies. For instance, De Beers Jewellery Company supplied posh accessories to the film Skylark filmed in 1941 (Segrave 2004, p. 82). Since then, product placement was recognized as an effective marketing technique. Now it is on the top of its popularity.

There are three basic types of product placement available for moviemakers to choose from. They can represent the product visualizing it, talking about it, or using it (Williams, Petrosky, Hernandez & Page 2011). All three types of product placement are more effective than ordinary advertising. They represent the product in a certain social context and add value to it by developing associations with actors, movie characters, or the circumstances where the product is used (Campbell, Mohr & Verlegh 2007). There is a huge difference between a good can and Batman’s car.&nbsp.

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