Create a 6 pages page paper that discusses progress in communication facilitated criminals in a way that is astounding for them. Many times, crime is aggravated by those people who defend their gun ownership as a means of resisting violence and ensuring safety. Various efforts to regulate the guns distribution and sales come under the heading of the gun control policy. The power to enforce gun control policy is practiced in many countries these days. This happens for a number of reasons, the most important of which is domestic violence. This is a reality that those people who possess guns for safety reasons apparently are more likely to engage in violence than those who think that the presence of guns at homes is highly predictive of criminal acts. Gun control legislation prohibit the private possession of fire arms and see this tendency of the general populace towards weapons as an absolute pointless behavior that is reflective of psychological satisfaction in some cases, but potently capable of domestic violence and illicit smuggling. Civil liberties are obviously somewhat threatened by such an absolute ban on the public possession of handguns, but the myriad benefits offered by such restrictive laws are so astounding that they outweigh the civil libertarian costs making them literally nonexistent. (Drinan, 1976, pp. 44-59). It is suggested by Drinan (1976) that the handgun prohibition effectively prevents the purchase of harmful weapons by mental incompetents, suicidal people, and notorious felons who are neither capable nor qualified for owning a weapon, let alone purchasing them for distribution purpose.

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