You will prepare and submit a term paper on Project to Improve the Operations. Your paper should be a minimum of 2000 words in length. This will ensure that the company makes an assessment of the deliverables to determine the benefits of the system and make a decision on what to included and exclude for maximum benefits to be achieved

The fundamental aim of the project is to improve the business operations in order to ensure that customers are satisfied with the services and products that are being provided by the business. The achievement of this target is assumed to be able to enhance the growth and expansion of the company implementing the information technology system. The focus of the systems is on the business operations aspects for the entire company. These range from the mode of transactions to the delivery and all the other activities involved, and that can be performed by a system. Improvement of business operations is critical in the promotion of client satisfaction.

The system being implemented will remain limited to the back office operations, which are essential in the support of the front office operations. Information such as the level of supplies will be providing information to the customers regarding the availability of merchandise, despite this being back-office content.

The project will remain focused on supporting the back office business operations, which are critical in ensuring the successful functioning of the company. The provision of technical support for these operations will ensure that the business improves the internal processes that might result in delays experienced by customers while undertaking business deals. The system will be controlled and utilized by the employees of the company in the management of data that can aid in business operations. The focus on back-office activities also ensures that the improvement begins for the back-end of the company. Since the information will be stored within the system once clients log in and provide their details, the system will be able to process information.

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