Hi, need to submit a 2000 words paper on the topic Psychological Effects of Crime and Methods for Reducing Crime Rate in Kingston-Galloway. Many governments often allocate huge amounts of their national budget in ensuring that the country is protected from all forms of criminal activities in order to attract domestic and international investors.

Crime, in the ordinary language, refers to any kind of unlawful activity that is punishable by the state. When it comes to aspects of modern criminal law, crime does not have any universal and simple definitions that are widely accepted. However, for the sake of clarity, statutory definitions of crime have been established in order to assist in correcting such evils as they happen in human society (Prasad et al 2013). In this regard, the most famous view that is held by most people is that crime is a special category that has been brought about by law.

One of the proposed definitions of crime or criminal offense is that it is a very harmful act that happens not only to individuals but also to the community, large society, and the states at large. For this reason, such kinds of acts are often forbidden by the law, and whenever they are noticed, they are heavily punished by the law. This paper examines some of the psychological effects of crime on people that perpetuate it as well as to the victims of the criminal activities, focusing on some of the approaches that can be used in reducing the rates of crime in the Kingston-Galloway neighborhood.

The concepts that some kinds of acts like rape, theft murder are prohibited have continued to exist across the world. What makes a precise definition of crime is enshrined in each country’s legal provision of criminal law. Inasmuch as there may be a catalog of various crimes commonly referred to as the criminal code (Moser & Mcllwaine 1999), when it comes to countries that have common law, often few or no such wide-ranging statutes often exist. In many countries globally, the government has the right to restrict an individual’s liberty severely in case he commits a certain crime.

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